About me

  I’m an electrical and mechanical hardware developer, with a focus on robotics automation, manufacturing and rapid prototyping. Originally from the UK, I’m now in Los Angeles full-time.

  I’ve been developing increasingly complex mechanical and electrical systems for over a decade. This foundation enabled me to go to a greater level in 2017 as I spent 8 months developing a project that lowered the barrier to entry for long-distance oceanographic data collection. This won the international Hackaday Prize, a contest aimed at engineers to develop projects with the goal of improving humanity and as a result was offered an engineer-in-residence position at a hardware incubator located in Pasadena, California.

  Within a few months I co-founded a hardware startup, promptly raising $1.25m of venture funding. The company focused on the development of a high-throughput 3D printing system for producing fully isotropic metal parts. With a team culture around rapid innovation and continual experimentation, I led the design of mechanical and electrical systems and construction of prototypes combining these elements and contributed to the system architecture resulting in novel printing techniques and automated post processing for casting.

  I then founded Precise Waterjet; setting up fabrication and consultancy operations and grew the company from inception to a revenue of $20k/mo. I developed close relationships with clients leading to repeat projects and my experience with CAD modelling and designing for manufacturing allowed me to rapidly turn-around avant-garde art pieces and research projects.

  This range of experience in recent years is indispensable when designing for manufacturing, compounding on my electrical design background, with a specialization of motion control applications, ranging from drones to automated foundry casting.

  When not working on larger-scale work, I thoroughly enjoy getting to create and spend time on personal projects, whether that’s a new project I’m lifting off the ground or refining the design and execution of one of my larger pieces.

  If it sounds like I could make a useful addition to your team, or you’re looking for some help on a project, feel free to reach out to me at

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I'm constantly building upon what's already been done, enjoying the mental challange that comes with developing better solutions.


I have good task prioritization, working rapidly yet continually detail orientated.


I have a deep sense of my own growth mindset, continually learning and showing versatility when tackling new problems.


I thrive working in a team environment, especially one with a culture around innovation and enjoying working together.